I am here to recruit you

The words of Harvey Milk apparently, when he was campaigning and this is the purpose of this blog post.

So, I have launched answer.ie and it has gone so much better than I had hoped.  We have had more than 500 unique visitors and more than 3,000 pages/question views served in the first three days. This is much better than I thought would happen and it augurs well for the future.

We are also getting a few questions in and some awesome answers to those questions.

So, things seems to be working great.

However, the site will really only become useful if there are more people hooked up to it.  So, if you could re-blog or post or tweet or copy to facebook the addresses of these two pages:


Where people can ‘like’ the facebook page and therefore automatically see the questions that are asked on the website as they are posted to your newsfeed.

and naturally, http://answer.ie/

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